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Stroman Middle School Theatre Department Receives Grant

The Stroman Theatre Department has been awarded a $500 grant for its upcoming production of “Macbeth.” The grant from Broadway Media will be used towards projection hardware.

Broadway Media specializes in projection equipment as well as numerous types of HD moving backgrounds, such as castles, city skyline, or even beach and underwater scenes. Projection equipment and backgrounds enable program directors to take their productions to the next level.

According to the grant award letter from Broadway Media, the Stroman Middle School Theatre department’s application illustrates how dedicated theatre-makers can help lead the way to recovery and continue to benefit their communities and the performing arts at large.

"I can't tell you how amazing these students have been, pushing through performing with masks on, keeping as far apart as possible when not on stage, and not even knowing if parents would be allowed to see their hard work,” shared Jack Rickman, Stroman Middle School theatre director. “These kids deserve this bit of good news."

Rickman plans to search for just the right background or two, both for the upcoming production of Shakespeare's “Macbeth,” as well as future productions.